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Deleting a Custom Domain

A custom domain is what identifies your website. By adding a custom domain, you’ll be able to use it with your Status Page. You can follow the steps below to set up a new custom domain. After creating a custom domain, you may find the need to delete it. If so, you can follow the steps below to delete your custom domain.

Step 1: Navigate to the Custom Domain and Click Delete in the Actions Bar

1.1 Once on the Custom Domain page, find the custom domain you wish to delete and navigate to the Actions Bar button near the top right corner. Click into it and find the Delete button. Click it.

Step 2: Delete Your Custom Domain

2.1 Confirm the deletion of your Custom Domain. Note that this cannot be undone.You will lose all data associated with the domain, including all the status pages associated with it.

Step 3: View the Confirmation Screen

3.1 Once your custom domain has been deleted, you’ll see a message on the next screen confirming your custom domain deletion.