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Creating a QR Code for Your Status Page A status page is an easy to configure public page that can display data from multiple status pages. After creating a status page, you’ll have the option to access a QR code for it. This QR code is meant to be downloaded, printed and placed onto where your status page customers can see and access it. You’ll be able to edit the appearance of this QR code. Follow the steps below to access the QR code for your desired Status Page.

see url Step 1: Navigate to the Status Page 

source site 1.1 Once on the Status Page, find the status page you wish to access the QR code for. Navigate to the Actions Bar button near the top right corner. Click into it and find the source link QR Code button. Click it.

see url Step 2: View and Edit Your QR Code

enter You’ll have the option to edit certain aspects of your QR code. All of these actions are optional.

go to link 2.1 Change the foreground color of the QR code. 2.2 Change the background color of the QR code. go to link 2.3 You’ll be able to adjust the corner radius of the QR code. Increasing the radius will cause the squares within the QR square to become more curved. 2.4  You’ll be able to adjust the QR Type. You can choose from:

Buy Diazepam 2Mg Online 2.5 Click this button to receive a printable version of your QR code. 2.6 Click this button to download your QR code as a PNG file.

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