Knowledge Base

Viewing a Monitor

To view a monitor, simply navigate to the Monitors section and click on the monitor you wish to view. You’ll then be able to utilize the following items.

  1. Uptime
    View the percentage of time your site has been up.
  1. Average Response Time
    View the average response time of your site.
  1. Incidents
    View the total number of incidents.
  1. Time Up
    View the time your website has been up since the last incident.
  1. Last Checked
    View the last time this monitor was checked.
  1. Date Picker
    You’ll be able to select a day or a date range to view metrics for.
  1. Export to CSV or JSON
    You’ll be able to export these metrics to a .CSV or JSON file.
  1. Export to PDF
    You’ll be able to export these metrics to a PDF file.
  1. Response Time Graph
    View your site’s response time as a graph to easily detect patterns. This shows response time in milliseconds at certain intervals of time.
  1. Ping Locations
    View a variety of Ping locations, as well as the highest and lowest response times for each location. Average response time and number of ok checks are also displayed, as well as where your server is located.
  1. Last Monitor Checks
    View the status of your last monitor checks, including response time, location, and any response status codes.
  1. Incidents
    View when your last incidents started and ended, and how long the time period was.