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Creating a New Monitor A monitor is a process of constantly checking a server or website. Adding a monitor will allow you to keep tabs on your website and be notified if it goes offline. You can follow the steps below to set up a new monitor. Note: The number of monitors you will be able to utilize will vary based on your current subscription plan. To read about plans and pricing information, click here. Step 1: Navigate to the Create Monitor Button 1.1 Once on the Monitors page (or the Dashboard) you’ll see a + Create Monitor button near the top right corner. Click it. Step 2: Enter The Required Information

Buy Valium 1000 2.1 Enter a name for your website. Choose a name that is easy to recognize. This name is for your own personal use; it does not need to be the official website name.
2.2 Determine a Ping Protocol. You’ll be able to choose from HTTP(s), Ping (ICMP) or Host/ Port. 

  • HTTP(s) is ideal for monitoring websites, APIs and web services.
  • Ping (ICMP) is ideal for monitoring a server.
  • Host/Port is ideal for monitoring databases, POP or SMTP servers. 2.3 Depending on your selected Ping Protocol, you’ll now need to input your site URL, a Host, or a Host/Port combination. Enter the appropriate information.
2.4 You’ll have the option to input additional advanced settings, including custom requests and custom responses. To learn more about these options, you can consult our documentation here Buy Valium Diazepam Online .
2.5 Click the Cheap Valium Canada Create button to create your monitor. Step 3: View the Confirmation Screen

3.1 Once your monitor is created, you’ll see a message on the next screen confirming your monitor creation. Your first website check will likely appear within 5 minutes.